The service went pretty well I might say she was very professional and well informative about the services she provides . I really needed the organization that she provided for me because I'm in the process of renovating my home and I really needed the help in organizing the living area and the closet and she did just that I was very impressed and happy overall!!! My living area looked completely different I loved it and let's not forget about the closet I was in shock all my clothing items were organized from top to bottom.. She will be hearing from me again. I will definitely recommend her services to anyone that's busy with work and life and needs some organization. She did a Great Job.
Grace U.
My organizing consultant was on time and very professional. We hired the company for four hours and by the time they left it didn't even look like where I lived anymore. I'm pregnant and recently married so my husband and I both have a lot of belongings as well as our soon to be first child. Being pregnant and working I very limited to time as well as the strength to carry out the task of organizing our place. She came in and not only organized our closest but also made the space more functional for my husband and I. The next task was our son space I normally shop often for our son but have not had the time to organize his things and gift along with the many things I have bought online but she organized everything in such a way where someone could easily think I hired a decorator to put his room together in a very effective way. Everything was right where it needed to be and was so accessible to my husband and myself. She was wonderful in communicating how the spaces in our home could be utilized in a more sufficient way. Allowing us to optimize our two bedroom to its fullest potential. We will definitely be calling her again once we move to help us make our new home as functional as she was able to make our old one. Thanks so much! She was great and friendly as well always willing to answer any questions I and my husband had along the way. Thanks a million!!!!
Cynthia O.
She was very professional. She arrived about 15 minutes early to the appointment and we first discussed what I was trying to achieve in the kitchen. Being a busy Engineer, all I could tell her was that I needed everything to look like a human being lived there lol. She went over her presentation on the different services she offers. I opted for just the kitchen organization at this time so I could see how it would turn out. BOY, WAS I SURPRISED! She completely organized my whole eating and cooking system! I really thought I was logical in the way that I had items before but now I know in the future, some people have a gift to make things 10x better than you could even imagine. The pantry items were now all in crates so that there wasn't a gymnasium of spices and cans tumbling around each other. The oils and bulky items like protein shakes were placed in one crate. All the spices were placed in uniform glass containers that allowed me to both see what was in the container and place it back without having to worry about the uneven containers. Also, everything was labeled! So simple yet so powerful. I know this sounds cheesy but she really Rescued My Space!
Anthony E.
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