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Growing up in an unconventional environment was the breaking point that led to what now has become her life’s mission. Being the middle child out of 3 and living in tight quarters with her family, she had to be creative and organized in order to maintain her sanity. After gaining clarity in her own life through organizing, Judi’s primary mission is to help people find their individuality through organizing. Judi’s concentration is also to help people create the life they want through control and order. Through organizational strategies and functional systems, Judi has made it possible for her clients to keep and maintain their homes and lives in order.

Judi earned a B.A in Supply Chain Management and a M.B.A from the University of Houston and Texas Women’s University in Houston, Texas. With a background in project management combined with organizational skills, it allows her to rapidly analyze a situation and quickly determine a solution. The only accomplishment she feels is the most important is when she’s able to create a space where her clients regain clarity and control.


Judi is a member of NAPO and attends organizing seminars/classes regularly to enhance her skills.

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Rescue My Space is committed to creating order in our client’s lives through strategic home analysis and functional systems.


Rescue My Space’s responsibility is to improve the way you view your home. Not just by the way it looks but by the way it functions.


“We wholeheartedly believe that our customers are the backbone to our company. Therefore, we pride ourselves in knowing the importance of being Confidential,Professional and On-Time. There is no question we will not answer and no concern we will not address to assure that you, the customer, benefits from 100% of our services.”
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