Creating a Quick, Simple and Better way to Organize

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"I recently got married and my husband I and moved into a 1 bedroom apartment. The space is not that big so I needed someone to come help us organize especially our small closet. Judith from rescue my space showed up on time and with a wealth of knowledge. Within a couple of hours, we had come up with a plan to utilize or space better. Our session lasted about 3.5 hours. She is a professional and the best I've come across. Other services were charging an arm and a leg but rescue my space was well within our price range. I will recommend her and definitely use her for any other organizational need I may have in the future."
- Hannah I.

She was very professional. She arrived about 15 minutes early to the appointment and we first discussed what I was trying to achieve in the kitchen. Being a busy Engineer, all I could tell her was that I needed everything to look like a human being lived there lol. She went over her presentation on the different services she offers. I opted for just the kitchen organization at this time so I could see how it would turn out. BOY, WAS I SURPRISED! She completely organized my whole eating and cooking system! I really thought I was logical in the way that I had items before but now I know in the future, some people have a gift to make things 10x better than you could even imagine. The pantry items were now all in crates so that there wasn’t a gymnasium of spices and cans tumbling around each other. The oils and bulky items like protein shakes were placed in one crate. All the spices were placed in uniform glass containers that allowed me to both see what was in the container and place it back without having to worry about the uneven containers. Also, everything was labeled! So simple yet so powerful. I know this sounds cheesy but she really Rescued My Space!
- Anthony E.

Making Homes More Organized So You Can Enjoy Them

  • Are you stressed out over your space and are ready to walk into a space where you can feel free and surrounded by only stuff you love?
  • Is your space so cluttered it’s driving you insane?
  • Are you drowning in the loads of paperwork (art, homework, old projects, etc…) your child brings home daily and you feel guilty throwing them away?
  • Are you ready to be conscious of everything you own?
  • You want to start dating but can no longer fit into any of your high school clothes?

Rescue My Space specializes in a wide range of both residential and office organizing services in all areas in Houston, Texas. Our organizing services are customizable to your comfort levels to help you create function in your home and life. We not only provide physical organizing services, we also teach you how to maintain organization in your home for the future.

We will create the lifestyle you want through organizing your space to invite in clarity and peace of mind. Whether you are a busy mom, a professional, or a single bachelor we will help you master the art of organization so you can once and for all be clutter-free. If you are ready to make a change and start your organizing journey, you’ve come to the right place.

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